The Strangest Ingredient List Ever

It reads: Pork livers, Pork, Pork Fat, Salt, Reconstituted onions.

I suppose congratulations is in order.  The three first ingredients are pork related.  I’d usually be a fan.  Now I’m disgusted.  Yet impressed.

I’m curious about the second listed ingredient.  What, I wonder, constitutes an ingredient that can’t be any more specific than “Pork”.

And, shouldn’t all three of the first ingredients fall into this category?  Therefore shouldn’t the list read:  Pork, Salt, Reconstituted Onions.

Or, better yet: Pork, Pork, Pork, Salt, Reconsitituted onions.  That’s an ingredient list I can get behind.

Either way, this delicacy, which I was quite surprised to find in my local supermarket is not one I’ll ever try.  Here it is:

My Liver Cheese has a first name…


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