A New Obesity Villain

Apparently, now cheese is a main culprit in obesity.  Yup, it’s all cheese’s fault for your flabby gut or massive thighs.  The billboards depicted above, paid for by a group called the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine, are springing up to enlighten us to the dangers of curdled milk.

How udderly ridiculous.  (Groan. I apologize)

This kind of “advice” is what confuses the hell out of people trying to eat healthy.  So many conflicting messages make many throw up their hands and say, “Screw it, pass the queso”.

I think cheese is good for you.  Or, at the very least, not horribly bad.  It’s full of protein and calcium.  And it adds great flavor and texture to most any food.

Naturally, excessive amounts of cheese isn’t a part of healthy eating.  Pizza smothered in a pound of cheese is not doing your waistline any favors.  Neither is the white flour, sugar laden sauce, or extra pepperoni on your pie.

Cheese is wonderful part of a healthy diet.  Enjoy it.  It will not make you fat.  Unless, you’re doing shots of queso.  Daily.  Chased by fries.  With gravy.  And bacon.


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