The Future is Now! And It’s Stomach Turning…

A laboratory in Holland announced the first “test tube” meat will be produced this fall.  This meat is made entirely in a laboratory using cow stem cells.  Looks like we’re inching closer to taking all our food in pill form.  Flying cars should be debuting any day now….

MARS Inc announced it will eliminate it’s King Size line of Snickers, Twix, and M&M’s.  By 2014 all MARS candy bars will have a maximum of 250 calories.  Pass the Snickers!  Or not….

Need more portion control help?  Here’s a review of a new product called Precise Portions Dinnerware.  It is indeed kitchenware that helps you measure proper portions.

A couple of diet questions answered:  Which is healthier, coffee or tea?  And, here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of frozen dinners.  (One Pro: without frozen dinners my father as a bachelor may have never eaten)

The Dutch have created a kid-powered school bus.  It’s genius.  And only slightly less confusing than laboratory created meat.

Blog of the week:  The headline at Skinny Twinkie says it all:  No Surprise: A Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grille


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