Big Food B.S.: “Baked, Not Fried”

“Now you can enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt!  Baked, not Fried, means you can always have more than one!”

Food companies LOVE this edict because it intuitively makes so much sense.  It requires little nutritional understanding to conclude a food cooked in hot air is superior to one dropped in hot oil.  It’s a simple idea.  And that’s what makes it so powerful.

Let me say first, choosing baked over fried is a sound strategy when ordering off a menu.  But if your choice is coming out of a bag or box, baked or fried makes little difference.  Except the baked version generally tastes like cardboard.

So, here’s the deal.  If you like the baked chips better, go for it.  But view them simply as different style of junky snack.  Choosing the baked version over fried is not going to help you lose unwanted pounds.  An apple over Doritos is more like it.

And if this trick has gotten you before don’t feel bad.  It’s used often because it’s so effective.  But now you’re smarter.  Baked=Fried.


2 responses to “Big Food B.S.: “Baked, Not Fried”

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