Put your Money Where your Diet Is

I haven’t been eating as well I’d like lately, so it’s time to head to the grocery and use one of my favorite “get back on track” tricks.  I call it Put Your Money Where Your Diet Is.

Here’s the idea:  When I visit the grocery store weekly I load up on veggies, lean protein, and healthy snacks.  Seems obvious right?  Well it is.  But my motivation is a little different.

See, I run a pretty tight household budget.  When I spend money on healthy food I’m forcing myself to eat what I’ve already bought in order to stay in budget.  To me, letting purchased food go bad is like burning cash.  I don’t like burning cash.

So will I grab a burrito when I’ve got a tilapia filet sitting in the fridge for lunch?  Nope.  Bypassing the burrito saves me $9.54. ($6.29 burrito money not spent + $3. 25 tilapia not wasted.)

I’ve essentially made the decision to eat healthy on Thurs at noon while standing at the fishmonger on Monday evening.  As a general rule, making a healthy eating decision beforehand will deliver better results.

Putting My Money Where My Diet Is means I’m eating right not because of a commitment to healthy living, but because I’m a tight wad.  Whatever works.


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