Mystery Meat Revealed

"Pink Slime". Headed to a school lunch tray near you.

The US Department of Agriculture is purchasing something dubbed “pink slime” for service in school cafeterias.  “Pink slime” is a ground up combo of beef scraps, cow connective tissue, and other beef trimmings treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill pathogens.  And I thought pink slime was the stuff used to make Lady Liberty come to life in the climatic scene of the classic Bill Murray vehicle, Ghostbusters Two.

In better meat related news, you’ll now find the familiar nutrition labels on the cellophane wrapped offerings at your local grocer.  Here are a few questions answered on the new labels in your meat section.

This really feels wrong.  But here are some recipes to make homemade girl scout cookies.  I get the feeling posting this link will put me on a ‘watch list’.   Or you can stay safe and try your hand at making your own butter.

A quick alert: Frozen “Pizza Sticks” made by Pasou Foods are being recalled.  These “Pizza Sticks” are frozen, fully cooked, AND ready to eat.  How in the….?  We may never know.

Blog of the Week:  A new iPhone app can detect your sleep cycles and wake you up when you’re in your lightest sleep.  Thank you to Erin at Creative Soul in Motion for confirmation the machines are taking over.


3 responses to “Mystery Meat Revealed

  1. My kids will be eating cold lunch alot more!!!

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