Pirate’s Booty and a Naked drink

Eat by Stars is back to picking 5 grocery items randomly.  Today we’ve got a Naked drink and Pirate’s Booty.  Parental guidance is not required.

Organic Green Beans

Per ¼ Bag: calories 25, fat 0g, carbs 5g, protein 1g

Pre-cut and packaged fresh veggies are convenient and an exception to the “food in bags is bad” rule. Try sautéing in olive oil with onions and peppers.  Add salt and pepper and you’ve got yourself one healthy, non-processed, ass-kicking side.

Packaged Deli Turkey

Per 2 slices: calories 50, fat 0g, carbs 1g, protein 11g, (salt 20% DV)

Perhaps you’ve heard deli meat isn’t good for you because it’s loaded with salt and fillers.  Some are, but this version is a solid pick.  Relatively low in salt, high in protein, and tasty make deli turkey are staple at my house.  As a snack it easily blows away any options that don’t fall in the grown-in-the-ground category.

Naked Protein Zone Double Berry Fruit Smoothie®

Per bottle: calories 440, fat 4g, carbs 70g (sugars 58g), protein 32g

The case could be made that this pre-made smoothie deserves four stars as a meal replacement.  I’d accept that.  As a snack, it’s a three star all the way.  The label says “No Sugar Added”.  Thank god because the sugar from the fruit is already staggeringly high.

Pirate’s Booty®

Per ounce (1-2 handfuls): calories 130, fat 5g, carbs 19g, protein 2g

This is a processed snack.  Plain and simple.   It could be argued Pirate’s Booty is slightly “less unhealthy” than standard Cheetos cheese puffs.  But “less unhealthy” isn’t the goal, is it?

Cheetos Cheese Puffs®

Per 13 curls (a handful): calories 160, fat 10g, carbs 13g, protein 2g

For comparisons sake: The nutrition profile is similar to our Pirate’s Booty, but the ingredient list is damning (enriched corn meal, vegetable oil, stuff you’ve never heard of) for Chester Cheetah’s favorite snack.  They’re tasty, I’ll admit.  That’s what makes them a treat.

Disclaimer: I take all these pics myself at local markets.  Unless specifically noted(®), I am not attempting to single out a specific brand or company.  One company’s product is not different or better than another’s similar product. I get all my nutritional info from the package.  For items without packages I consult fitday.com and the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory website.


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