Big Food BS: Serving Sizes

I have a feeling.  It’s a feeling that if you get a Big Grab® bag of chips you eat the whole thing.  A feeling that when you grab a can of soda you don’t drink half and save the rest for later.  I’ll even bet you don’t use a measuring cup to precisely dole out one cup of Cheerios every morning.

Big Food has the same feeling.

They also have the feeling you’ll only give the nutrition facts on the back of their package a cursory glance.  They’re counting on you to quickly check the calories, maybe the carbs or fat, and move on with life.

They’re counting on all this so you won’t notice the unrealistic serving sizes used to make their nutrition information look better.

To wit: a single serving of Doritos is 11 chips.  At 150 calories, this seems reasonable.  Unfortunately, a Big Grab® holds 3 ½ servings.  A large bag holds 12.  I’m sure some folks count their Doritos, but I’m guessing most of us stop munching on the Big Grab® when we reach the bottom.  525 calories later.

It’s misleading and confusing.  That’s the point.

Thankfully, food companies are starting to phase out the really ridiculous serving sizes like half a snickers bar or can of coke.  But Big Food still has a feeling.  A feeling it can fool you.

Time to serve notice to Big Food, you’re no fool.


2 responses to “Big Food BS: Serving Sizes

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