How to Ruin a Salad #4

When you think salad, you probably think healthy.  Generally, salads ARE healthier than a burger and fries.  But we do things to salads that ruin the healthy status of our field of greens.  Lots of things.

One at a time, lest we get over whelmed.  Since they’re all bad, we’ll go in no particular order.

How to Ruin a Salad #4: It’s a Salad, Not a Taco

Taco salads are tasty.  With good reason.  A taco salad a taco mashed up, and served with extra lettuce (to make it more salad-y), dressing, and laid in a plate or bowl.

So what’s the problem?  Well, tacos aren’t generally thought of as good for you.  What with the fried taco shell, mounds of cheese, and ground beef.  Serving a taco in a form to be eaten with a fork doesn’t change its nutritional profile.

Look, eating a taco salad (or a taco) isn’t the worst thing ever.  But if you’re aiming for a healthy lunch you can  do better.

For a healthier taco salad hold the tortilla chips, switch chicken for the beef, and go heavy on the veggies.  Always remember to watch your dressing.

And, please, if it’s served in one of those edible shell bowls, don’t eat the bowl.  Don’t make me explain why…


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