Big Food Wants Us to be Hobbits

Links and such from the week gone by:

The hobbits were on to something besides picking the most serene place to live.  The idea of second breakfast has begun to catch on with us humans.  Naturally, Big Food is doing their best to push our new eating habits.  No word yet on a Big Food sponsored ring of power.

A new study has concluded eating vegetables regularly makes you more attractive.  I’d better double down on the CSA box this week.  Gotta keep the wife interested beyond my wit and dimples.

A group called the Center for Science in the Public Interest believes the caramel coloring agent used in soft drinks leads to cancer.  And, while the FDA disagrees with the assertion, Coca-Cola has decided to change its coloring agent.

Starting in March 2013 when my in-laws go shopping in their home of Austin, Texas, they’d better bring their own bags.  A city ordinance no longer allows the use of thin disposable bags at local markets.  “Paper or plastic?” is  becoming “Canvas or carry?”.

The iconic Oreo® cookie turns 100.

Blog of the week:  Clare at Fitting It All In wonders if keeping healthy snacks handy actually makes her diet unhealthier.


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