Eatin’ Good (Not Really) in the Neighborhood…

Today Eat by Stars is ‘eatin’ good in the neighborhood’.  Or, well, just eatin’ in the neighborhood.  How good is subjective.  Nothing on this menu garners higher than a three star.  Trouble’s afoot.

There’s one consistent issue withApplebee’s food:  Extremely high salt content.  That’s a familiar problem with chain restaurant fare, but NONE of Applebee’s menu choices has less than 1000mg salt.  That’s about half your recommended daily intake.  And those are the lowest salt options.

So let’s cover some appetizers, entrees, salads, and sandwiches.  This isn’t gonna be pretty.   (Applebee’s menu full nutritional information.)


Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos  

Per Plate: calories 590, fat 24g, carbs 59g, protein 36g, (salt 100%DV)

The best of the appetizer bunch.  Shared, these are a decent starter.  As a standalone meal, you’ll get your daily salt intake in one fell swoop.

Appetizer Sampler

Per Platter: calories 2400, fat 155g, carbs 170, protein 91g, (salt 250% DV)

Also known as the fried sampler, this starter is a monstrosity.  I’d resist even ordering this to share.  Unless you’re the Duggar Family.

Entrees (These values include sides.) 

Weight Watchers® Creamy Parmesan Chicken

Per serving: calories 470, fat 13g, carbs 35g, protein 55g (salt 68%)

This is confusing.  Usually something with creamy, and hell, parmesean, in the title is bound to be bad for you.  Yet this offering on the under 550 calorie menu is solid.  Even has the lowest salt content of these healthier choices.  Makes me think the “creamy parmesean” is not entirely accurate.

Margherita Chicken

Per serving: calories 740, fat 28g, carbs 59g, protein 59g, (salt 110% DV)

One of the better entrée choices not on the Weight Watchers Under 550 calories menu, but once again salt, salt, and more salt.

Chicken Parmesean Stack

Per serving: calories 1690, fat 95g, carbs 130g, protein 82g, (salt 186% DV)

Why do we have to stack?  Why?  Chicken Parm isn’t the best for you anyway and now we have to make some sort of stack thingy?  General rule of thumb, unhealthy Italian food should be enjoyed at an Italian restaurant.

Sandwiches and Salads

(Sandwich values don’t include fries.  Add another 400 calories)

California Turkey Club

Per sandwich: calories 970, fat 55g, carbs 60g, protein 58, (salt 150% DV)

It’s a turkey club sandwich with avocado.  Tons of salt (no surprise there) is again a problem.  Try splitting it with someone.  Alternatively, order the Blackened Tilapia Sandwich.

Fried Green Tomato & Turkey Club

Per sandwich: calories 1210, fat 68g, carbs 94g, protein 55g, (salt 180% DV)

How in the world does adding fried green tomatoes to our club sandwich make it so much worse?  Terribly confusing.  I guess it’s better not to question what we don’t understand.  Avoid.

(salads include dressing)

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Per salad: calories 820, fat 57g, carbs 25g, protein 54g, (salt 79% DV)

Normally a caesar salad is to be avoided, but at Applebee’s it’s one of the better salad choices.  Again, I’m confused.  No matter.  It’s not a bad choice.  Getting the half size would be a better idea.

Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad

Per salad: calories 1290, fat 79g, carbs 92g, protein 54g, (salt 100% DV)

One of the worst salad choices is a monster calorie, fat, and carb load.  Oh yeah, and salt.  I’ve written a series on how to ruin a salad.  The next one may be “ordering one at Applebee’s”.  Ugh. 


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