3 Basics of Cooking Steak (and other protein)

Made a delicious grass fed, hormone- & antibiotic-free steak this weekend.  If you don’t eat red meat often or ever, you can still learn a lot from firing a steak on the grill.  The basics of cooking red meat over a hot fire can be used for chicken, chops, or even fish (kinda).

Now, as a red-blooded American male, I wouldn’t presume to tell other red-blooded American males how to cook their grass fed beef.  But there are 3 princples of steak (and other protein) prep that I always follow.

  1. Season with coarse sea salt and fresh cracked pepper only.  Ok, you can marinade or add rosemary if you’d like, but with a good steak, less is more.
  2. The grill should be preheated to roughly the temperature of the sun, give or take.  I mean crank that baby up so you reflexively step back from the heat when you uncover the raging inferno inside.  Your meat should sizzle like mad when it hits the grate.  A sear has been formed.
  3. Time it right, and flip your dinner once.  Quit poking, prodding, turning, and generally messing with your steak.  Figure how well you’d like it cooked (for 1 inch thickness: 3 minutes a side for medium rare, 7 for medium well) and flip at the right time.  Using a stopwatch is not a sign of weakness.

Let it rest 5 minutes on a cutting board before diving in.  Topping with sauteed peppers, carmelized onions, steak sauce, or blue cheese is your choice.  All respectable options.


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