What you Should Know about Dry Labbing

Debate over the effectiveness and safety of supplements continues.  On Sunday night, Dateline NBC aired a segment on the insidious practice of dry labbing in the dietary supplement industry.

Dry labbing occurs when a laboratory hired to ensure a supplement’s contents match its stated ingredients does not perform the necessary analysis and simply returns results showing the product to be satisfactory.

Why would a lab not perform an analysis and say it did?  For money, naturally.  A testing lab is hired by a supplement company to ensure the product they desire is what is actually being produced, often from a third-party manufacturer.

When a lab returns results matching the desired data the new product will go into production and the lab can expect repeat business as more product needs confirmed.  Hence, it’s in the lab’s benefit for the results to be positive.

It’s unethical to say the least.  And due to the potential for illnesses or death from mislabeled supplements, it’s down right criminal.

I’ve previously posted ways to protect yourself when taking supplements.  Start here to protect yourself from the horrible practice of dry labbing.

Three Supplement Types to Avoid

Five Precautions to Choose a Safe Supplement 


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