A Spreadable Airplane Cookie

Eat by Stars time!  Five grocery items this week chosen not entirely at random.  This week I discovered an item at my local grocer I never considered even existed.

Let’s get started!

Green Tea

Per tea bag: calories 0g, fat 0g, carbs 0g, protein 0g

This is like reviewing water.  Water loaded with disease fighting antioxidants.  Don’t add sugar and this is a five star beverage all the way.


Per plum: calories 32, fat 0g, calories 7.5, protein 0.5g

Like nearly every fruit, plums are basically straight sugar.  Also like every other fruit they’re low in calories and packed with so much other good stuff the sugar content is hardly a deal breaker.  If you’re a plum fan, eat regularly.

Fruit Squeezies ®

Per pouch:  calories 70, fat 0g, carbs 19g, protein 0g

I’m skeptical.  Fruit in squeezie?  What the hell is a squeezie?  Apparently the kids love it.  Anyway, based on the ingredient list this is actually not a bad option.  It’s not as good as giving your kid an actual apple, but there’s minimal to no added sugar and only 4 ingredients.  Feel free to replace a bag of chips with the squeezie.   Or, more preferably, opt for the real thing.

Weight Watchers® Blueberry Muffins

Per muffin: calories 160, fat 1.5g, carbs 36g, protein 3g

Blueberry muffins by Weight Watchers must be better for you, right?  Wrong.  Their plain old blueberry muffins.  Processed and full of sugar.  The only difference is Weight Watchers keeps an eye on portion size.  Still, only eat one as an occasional treat.  Weight Watchers version or otherwise.

Biscoff ®Spread

Per tablespoon (1 knifeful slather): calories 89, fat 6g, carbs 8g, protein 0.5g

Yes, it is the airplane cookies in spreadable form.  I didn’t believe it either.  It’s touted as the “European alternative to peanut butter.”  Except, of course, it’s ground cookies, not nuts.  No information is available if consumption will lead to socialism or calling elevators “lifts”.

Disclaimer: I take all these pics myself at local markets.  Unless specifically noted(®), I am not attempting to single out a specific brand or company.  One company’s product is not different or better than another’s similar product. I get all my nutritional info from the package.  For items without packages I consult fitday.com and the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory website.


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