Glossy Fashion Magazine Essay Ignites Controversy

I’m back!  Three days couch surfing and downing pain pills gives you lots of time to surf the web and laugh at pink elephants.  Links for the week:

The outrage!  Everyone is taking their shots at the essay in Vogue magazine by a mother who put her 7 year old on a diet.  While putting an overweight child on a diet has some support, using shame as the primary motivation is not going to win you many allies.

A new study this week links the amount of chocolate consumed to a lower BMI (a measure of obesity).  Please remain calm.  Eating more chocolate will not make you thinner.  Happier maybe, but not thinner.

A federal judge ruled the Food and Drug Administration must act now to stop the overuse of antibiotics in livestock.  In my humble opinion, this decision will positively affect every American, meat eater or vegan.

Grocery stores have begun pulling ‘pink slime’ products from their shelves.  Another victory for food industry reformers….

Here’s 5 recipes using one of my favorite condiments, Sriracha.


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