One Box to Eat Tastier, Healthier

Last week we refilled our window sill planter box with soil and dropped in three fresh herb plants.  An herb garden outside my kitchen window is one of my favorite parts of spring.  Along with baseball, the Dogwood festival, and my wedding anniversary (shamelessly attempting to score points with the Mrs.).

Eat Tastier

There is no simpler way to become a better home cook than to use fresh herbs regularly.  No amount of salt, sugar, or butter can boost the flavor of a Wednesday night meal like a bunch of chopped thyme.

Fresh herbs amplify the natural flavors of your food instead of masking them.  Trust me, while I love Shake n Bake, it’s no match for a perfectly grilled chicken breast sprinkled with fresh rosemary.

This year we’ve planted sage, basil, and thyme (we also regularly pluck from a rosemary bush in our complex).  In the coming weeks I’ll give ideas on how to use the herbs we keep at hand.

Eat Healthier 

Besides impressing your friends and family with simple dishes that taste complex, fresh herbs allow you to add flavor without adding calories, fat, or salt.

Now to be clear, using fresh herbs in your diet will not increase your metabolism, boost your immune system, or lower your cholesterol.  Herbs do one thing, make your food taste better.  Especially healthy food.

Interestingly, a healthy food that tastes good is more likely to be eaten.  And healthy foods work best in promoting health and maintaining weight when they’re eaten.  Alas, absorption of steamed carrots by osmosis has yet to be perfected.


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