Big Food BS: “No Trans-Fill in the Blank”

Thankfully the above icing-covered honey bun doesn’t have trans fat.  Then the $0.49 bag of sugar would’ve been really bad for me.  What is trans fat again?

Doesn’t matter.  The TV folks tells us it’s remarkably unhealthy.  A marketing opportunity has fallen into Big Food’s collective lap.

Trying to make something decidedly unhealthy look better for you is de rigueur for Big Food.  Don’t expect the package to announce:

Sugar-covered sugar!  Diabetes in a bag for half a dollar!

Truth in advertising indeed.  Unfortunately, that’s not the world in which we live.

Naturally, their B.S. isn’t limited to trans fat-free products.  The proliferation of sugar-laden processed junk labeled ‘fat-free’ is evidence to that.

Once the media announces a new horrible food product, Big Food companies begin promoting the absence of said product in their food.  Even in their food never contained the offending product to begin with.

The same strategy is in effect when a new miracle health food makes headlines.  Vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants are all used by Big Food to make processed food seem healthier.

When an exotic item like acai berry gains traction, you can bet it will be included in everything from fruit juice to cereal.

What we’ve learned:  Beware of trends.  Especially those trumpeted from boxes on grocery or convenient store shelves.

Oh, and an icing-covered honey bun is Texas style.  Makes sense I suppose.

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Big Food BS:


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