KFC’s Pot Pie: Not as Cool as a ’70 Charger

I’m really not trying to ruin these guys’ day.  Or yours. I’m really not.  Just throwing this out there.

The KFC Chicken Pot Pie is, um, not so good for you.  In fact there’s no such thing as good-for-you pot pie of any variety.  But from a fast food joint it’s especially damning.

Grabbing one of these at lunch or dinner will cost you just under 800 calories.  You also get a full days supply of salt and a staggering 66 grams of carbohydrates.

At least it doesn’t come with a biscuit. Or does it?

Please only eat this once a year.  Preferably while struggling through a horrific hangover that may or may not include a stolen zoo animal, an arrest, and/or a stripper named Diamond.

Maybe that’s why our intrepid gentlemen in the video think they’re in the 70s.


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