An Unworthy Supplement

I found this curious.  The label on the back of my Monster Energy Drink reads “Supplement Facts” where I’d expect to see “Nutrition Facts”.  An energy drink is a supplement?

Apparently Monster and it’s brethren are ‘energy supplements’.  This is fairly ridiculous.  An energy drink is a soft drink.  It’s a sugar, or sugar substitute, laden caffeine boost.  The B Vitamins it touts do absolutely nothing for short term alertness or energy.

Why this distinction is made I have no idea.  Although I’d suppose promoting a product as an ‘energy supplement’ is preferred over admitting it’s a soft drink.  Marketing trumps all.

I’ll admit I down an energy drink on occasion.  Probably 1-2 a week for a mid afternoon slump.  But in no way do I, nor should you, consider them a supplement.

That gives supplements a bad name.


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