A Better Way to Wake Up

Are you the type that “Just can’t get started” in the morning with a cup of joe?  It’s pretty typical.  That jolt of caffeine can be necessity to snap you awake.  I’ve been there.

Lately though, I’ve found something that is far quicker and just as effective as a cup of coffee.  No, it’s not 5 Hour Energy.  It’s pushups.

Yes, pushups.  Within 20 seconds of my feet hitting the bedroom floor I’ll drop and give it 10.  Or 25.  It immediately gets the heart going and blood rushing to my head to turn my brain on.

Mind  you, it’s not all about fitness.  The last thing I want to do is break a sweat within a minute of arising.  But it does the trick to shake out the cobwebs.  And it sure does my body better than one of these.

Try it tomorrow.


2 responses to “A Better Way to Wake Up

  1. nice article and very helpfull, thanks 🙂

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