5 Things I’ve Learned about Cilantro

A couple of weeks ago I sang the virtues of a herb planter in my window sill.  Let’s start looking closer at the herbs I dip into on a regular basis.  First up, cilantro.

Here’s 5 Things I’ve Learned About Cilantro

  1. It’s called coriander in Asia.  Hence the spice coriander is cilantro seeds.  It’s also called Chinese parsley. Quite well traveled apparently.
  2. It’s grows quite well on our mostly shaded window sill.  And it needs minimal water.
  3. It’s not bad in an omlette, OK in pasta with olive oil and garlic, and kinda confusing garnishing a sandwich.
  4. I’m looking forward to putting it in its natural habit of homemade salsa this summer when tomato season kicks in.
  5. Thus far, my hands down favorite way of using cilantro is as a garnish for fish tacos (above).

2 responses to “5 Things I’ve Learned about Cilantro

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