The “Crazy Ass Food” Bar has been Raised

I’m at a loss for words.  Soon to be released by Pizza Hut in the UK, the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza.  I, uh, just, I mean….  Ok, so how do they get the hot dog shaped…..oh, nevermind….

Although plenty of debate exists on how much is harmful, make no mistake, chemicals in food packaging make it into your food and into your bloodstream.

And a chemical commonly found in perfumes may contribute to the development of diabetes.  Although not as significantly as eating junk food and not exercising.

A new study shows use of multivitamins makes one smarter.  Or at least boosts brain function.  Explains a lot.

Apparently the amount of salt found in fast food menu offerings varies between countries.  One guess which country packs in the most.

Finally, in breaking news, fad diets don’t work.


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