Do Not Fear “Scary Lettuce”

The picture above is what my dear friend Nicole calls “scary lettuce”.

“I don’t want lettuce that just came off a tree or from some field”, she says.  Nicole is an iceberg lettuce girl all the way.

No shame in that.  Iceberg lettuce is low in calories (in fact almost completely devoid) and is easily recognizable.  But iceberg lacks two things: nutrients and taste.

Its lack of taste leads to iceberg lettuce being covered in blue cheese, bacon, croutons, and other salad ruiners.  While scary lettuce only needs a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar to accentuate the varied textures and flavors.

And remember the deeper the color of a fruit or vegetable the more nutrients it holds.  It’s pretty easy to determine the winner between iceberg and “scary lettuce”.

Don’t be afraid of strange looking lettuce.  Give it a try sometime.  You might like it.

Couldn’t convince Nicole at Iberian Pig.  You can imagine when the foie gras arrived at the table,

“It’s duck what!?  No f***ing way.  Don’t they have mac n’ cheese or something?”

Yes, Nic, they do.  And it’s really good.


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