Big Food BS: Sea Salt

I’m not sure how or when this started, but there has been an explosion of junk food touting its use of sea salt.  Apparently, there’s a notion sea salt is better for you, more natural, than the iodized salt residing in our typical shaker.

This is Big Food BS.  Shockingly enough, sea salt is salt.  There is nothing remotely healthier or better for you.  Salt is salt.  Simple as that.

Now, I can certainly buy the argument sea salt imparts a stronger, richer flavor.  In fact, the general consensus is just that.  Still, better tasting or not, sea salt is not healthier for you.

As a quick aside, the same can be said for sugar.  Cola made with real sugar cane is not better for you.  You may feel it tastes better, but it’s still a soft drink.  The only reason cane sugar fell out of favor with food manufacturers is because other options are cheaper.

Bottom line: Lots of salt and sugar aren’t good for you.  Whether from the sea or the cane.


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