Stop Jogging…

Jogging is one of America’s favorite fitness past times.  ‘Going for a jog’ is often where a generally sedentary individual starts a burgeoning fitness regimen.  Problem is, jogging is on of the most inefficient ways to burn fat.

Let me be clear, I’m a jogger.  I have piles of race shirts to prove it.  I love to clear my mind while pounding out three miles down tree-lined streets.  But to burn fat, my time can be better spent.

Jogging is a steady state, low intensity activity.  During a jog our bodies have little need to tap into fat stores for energy.  Hence, less fat is burned.

Naturally, if  you log heavy miles more fat will be burned.  But pumping out 6 miles takes me a little under and hour.

I can do a high intensity, fat scorching, full body workout in half the time a 6 mile jog will take.  So I can get back to writing blog posts.

Be a more efficient fat burner

Add sprints into your jogging routine.  Every so often pick a spot a decent distance in front of you, a mailbox or street sign, say, and hustle to that spot quickly.  Repeat these high intensity intervals several times throughout your route.

Also, of course, running each mile at a higher pace burns more fat than a nice 9 minute mile pace.  If you’re finishing each mile under 7 minutes sprint intervals are not required.

And mix in resistance training.  Whether its pumping iron or doing body weight exercises like pushups, resistance training pushes up our metabolism for as long as 24 hours after our last rep.  Now that’s efficient.


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