Truth in Advertising: Sunchips

Found this ad in a magazine touting Sunchips as “a little bit healthier” and “a lot bit deliciouser”.

I’m curious about the “little bit healthier claim”.  Healthier, I presume, compared to other bagged chip varieties.  That gets the faux intrepid reporter in me curious:  Are Sunchips objectively “a little bit healthier” than say, Doritos?

Sunchips vs Doritos

Calories:  Nearly identical.  Both have 140 per serving.  Advantage: Tie

Fat: 6 grams for Sunchips, 7 grams for Doritos. Advantage: Sunchips

Carbohydrates: Both carry 19 grams per serving.  Advantage: Tie

Protein: 2 grams a serving for each.  Please don’t ever consider protein when choosing a junk food chip.  Advantage: Pointless Tie

Ingredients: Both have staggeringly long lists. 23 items for Sunchips, 25 for Doritos.  Both list “whole corn” as ingredient #1. Advantage: Tie


The ad says “a little bit better”.  Does a difference of 1 gram of fat per serving constitute “a little bit”?  Perhaps.  But practically speaking, there’s nothing healthy about Sunchips.  They’re processed junk like every other chip.

And, in this blogger’s opinion, they don’t even come close to Doritos in the deliciouser category.


4 responses to “Truth in Advertising: Sunchips

  1. What magazine did you find this ad in?


    you fail to mention that sun chips have 110 mg less of sodium that is why they are a little bit healthier.
    here ….

  3. Actually the original Sun Chips are better than Doritos health wise. Less ingredients in the Sun Chips original and Doritos are covered in fake cheeses and crap. You failed to say the sodium count in Sun Chips are about 100g lower than Doritos too. Also the ingredients in Sun Chips are actually easy to pronounce vs the long list of weird unpronounceable words in Doritos.

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