Cheaper Than Maybelline

Links and interesting stuff from the week:

A new study this week concludes eating fruits and vegetables can make you more attractive.  It seems good stuff follows a diet full of grown-from-the-earth food.  To make yourself even hotter try these foods that improve skin health.

A new children’s book aims to teach kids the benefits of veganism.  Sadly, I’m fairly certain someone will be outraged.  Brainwashing kids into not eating meat and all.

Hopefully THIS doesn’t stir up controversy:  A study this week demonstrated eating family meals at home leads to healthier kids.

If you do eat out, this article asks if sushi is a healthy choice.

One eat at home option that doesn’t cut it is processed cheese.  Here’s ten facts about the neon orange, cellophane-wrapped slices.

Changing up your workout routine is a good way to keep motivated.  Check out 10 ideas to do just that and one new, and fairly odd, fitness combo that’s gaining popularity.

Lastly, apparently teenagers are now drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk.  Whatever happened to the older sibling or cousin sneaking you booze?


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