Diabetes and a Movie

Last week I saw Hunger Games (not a fan) with my wife and little brother. For refreshments we decided to split a large drink.  Instead they gave us a mortar shell of cola.  Larry, Curly, and Moe couldn’t believe it either.

This is staggering.  It’s roughly 44 ounces.  1/3 of a gallon.  I can’t imagine one person consuming this much soda in a sitting but it likely happens frequently.  That’s 500 calories of liquefied sugar.

It makes me wonder, is this as big as it gets?  Where is the end for drink sizes?  Half a gallon in a disposable camelbak?  A full gallon in a bucket?  Perhaps it would be easier to retrofit theater seats with a soda hose to eliminate the need for cups altogether.


What Say You!

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