My Favorite Bush

A few weeks ago I extolled the virtues of my herb garden planter box and promised to give quick guides on each of the herbs growing on my windowsill.  I’m breaking my promise.

We’re still talking about herbs, and one I use often, it just doesn’t reside outside my kitchen window.  We actually have to walk down our back alleyway to fetch it, and we do often.  My favorite bush is a rosemary bush.

We probably use rosemary twice a week and almost exclusively on meat bound for the grill.  It perfectly complements the carnivore holy trinity or poultry, pork, and beef.

Chop up a sprig or two and sprinkle, rub, and/or slather your meat before it hits the flame.  Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and olive oil are welcome complements.

If you’re used to covering your grillable food with a store bought rub, spice, or sauce, try rosemary next time.  If anything, folks will think you’re sophisticated.  Once you lose the beer-holding, camouflage, tactical grill apron.

Actually, keep the apron.

(A quick apology to folks who made it to Essentials of Nutrition hoping to discuss the clan of our 41st president or looking for 70’s porn.  Sorry to disappoint.  I still think you should try rosemary.)


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