A Better Bread

Two pictures today:

The first is the ingredient label on wheat bread from my local grocer’s bakery.  Made fresh that morning.

The next is the ingredient label on a package, baked someplace else, most certainly not this morning.

The pictures tell the story of the added preservatives and ingredients in bread baked further afield.   Are these preservatives harmful for you?  The FDA says no.

But for me it just seems like a good idea to limit the amount of chemical additives I ingest regularly.  And since I love sandwiches almost as much as Joey Tribbiani, bread can be a major contributor to my chemical intake.

There’s also the matter of taste.  Perhaps I’m a snob, but I’ve never had packaged bread that tasted better than fresh-baked.  I even demand grocer bakery hot dog buns when I’m grilling frankfurters.  Ok, I’m a snob…

I understand bakery bread goes bad more quickly than packaged.  And it’s a waste to throw away half a loaf of moldy bread.  Easy solution.  Ask the baker to bag you half a loaf.  Try doing that with wonder bread.


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