5 Healthy Habits to Steal

I have plenty, PLENTY, of bad habits.  Most prominently an affinity for beer and fried food.  But thankfully, I’ve also developed several good habits that keep me, generally speaking, on the healthy side of the leger.

So, no matter your bad habits, work to develop good ones.  For potential inspiration, here’s my top 5 healthy habits that mildly offset my beer and wing urges.

  1. No junk food in the house.  I’ve mentioned the importance of this one before.  Keep it out of your pantry/refrigerator and you won’t mindlessly eat it.
  2. Bringing lunch (and dinner) to work.  If I don’t prepare healthy meals to bring from home I will almost certainly, throw down a few bucks for drive thru fare.  If I bring lunch, I’ll eat it.  No matter how good a chalupa sounds.
  3. Weekly grocery shopping.  This drives the previous two habits.  I hit the local supermarket once a week and stock up on healthy stuff.  And then, you know, eat it.
  4. Sleeping right.  I shoot for, and typically get, 7-7 ½ hrs of sleep a night. I make it happen by practicing good sleep hygiene: Pitch black room, thermostat turned down, similar bed times, and using the bed ONLY for sleep and, I believe the Newlywed game called it making whoopee.
  5. Schedule workouts.  I regularly put workouts in my calendar as though they’re a can’t miss appointment.  Then I don’t miss them.

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