It’s Official: Kids’ TV Time Equals More Junk Food

Linkage and interesting stuff from the past week.

Another study of unsurprising results: Watching TV makes kids eat more junk food.  However playing Wii apparently doesn’t count.  ‘Exergaming’, the use of active video games to promote movement and exercise, was recently supported by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.  Whatever works.

The big controversy this week was the cover of Time magazine depicting a 26 year-old mother breast-feeding her 3 year-old.  Here a mom who breast feeds her toddler explains her reasoning.

Pizza Hut recently launched the hot dog ringed pizza in Europe.  Now the Middle East gets mini burgers encircling their pie.

The Food Network compares popular restaurant dishes with homemade versions.  Guess which one wins?

Researchers have discovered roughly 1 in 10 patients will see a blood pressure drop from taking higher doses of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).  This may be the beginning of the long discussed “personalized nutrition”.

How contagious is the yawn? (Not including that you just yawned by reading the word)  It now seems our furry friends are not immune to catching a human yawn.


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