3 Ways to Eat More Pizza

Every time my wife asks what I want for dinner I yell, “Pizza!”.  When she says no, I try, “Chicken Wings!”.  When that fails we can begin actually deciding what we’re gonna eat.

I always start with pizza because it’s damned good.  I remember a saying about sex and pizza.  Something about when it’s bad, it’s still good.

Alas, as you’re likely aware, pizza isn’t so good for you.  But I still love it.  And Iwant to eat it often. So I need to be smarter about my pie intake. To that end here are my top 3 lessons to be a smarter, and therefore more frequent, pizza eater.

Thin is In

The thinner the crust, the lower the calories.  Calories derived directly from processed white flour dough.  Go for the thinnest variety available.  Although Chicago-style deep dish is one of my favorites, I regularly steer clear of eating my pizza with a fork.

One Meat, No Cheese 

Salted, cured meats are a delight atop a pie, but not the healthiest.  Only allow one to surf atop your pizza.  Cheese is another easy way to muck up your pizza.  Never ask for extra.  I promise there will be plenty.  After all, shouldn’t you trust the guys making pizza all day to cheese your pie properly?

One and Done

My wife and I have two favorite spots for pizza.  One has really thin crusts and is bit more upscale, and the other is a dyed-in-the-wool, loud music, tattooed servers, outside dining, good old-fashioned pizzeria.

When we head to the latter we always take advantage of the ability to order by the slice.  Limiting it to one slice each of greasy, New York style pizza (above photo) keeps our indulgence under 400 calories.  And saves room for a pint of beer.  You gotta have beer with pizza.  I’ve heard it helps sex too…



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