Hints & Help for Joining a CSA

I’m not a farmer.  Don’t want to be.  Those guys and girls have rough, physically demanding jobs.  But I am envious of the access they have to delicious, organic, fresh-from-the-earth veggies.  The cornerstones of healthy eating.

I suppose I could grow a garden for my own harvest.  And someday I hope to, but my urban patio doesn’t have room for a proper garden.  Attempts at growing veggies out of planters has been met with mixed results.  Luckily for me there’s another option.  Join a CSA.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It’s a way to get locally grown, fresh veggies into your kitchen without getting your hands dirty.  A typical CSA works like this:

  1. You join and pay a recurring charge (typically monthly or weekly).  Some CSAs may also have an initiation fee.
  2. Every week you get a box of locally grown veggies.  What you get varies by season and availability in your area.

Simple as that.  Considering joining a CSA?  Let’s cover why or why not?

I’m totally doing it!

Did I mention the farm fresh local produce?  It’s really good.  My wife was amazed when our lettuce came with dirt-covered roots still attached.  And, naturally, getting a box of fresh veggies delivered weekly doesn’t make my health worse.

Maybe Not…

There is one significant drawback, however.  In many CSAs you get what they give.  Don’t know what an eggplant zucchini is or how in the world to prepare one?  You’d better figure it out cause you have a whole box of them.

Picking a CSA

Since CSAs are businesses you’ll find variety in between different entities.  For instance,  we chose our CSA, Moore Farms and Friends, because they give us the option to “shop” for what goes in our basket in lieu of the standard shipped choice.  It also allows us to skip a week and not pay a fee if we’re vacationing or utterly frightened of eggplant zucchini.

More CSAs are offering this ability to pay as you go and customize your order.  There’s likely one in your area.

To learn more than you’d really care to know about CSAs check out the website from Local Harvest.  It’ll also help you find CSAs in your area and pick one that works best for you.


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