An Unnerving Video Makes its Point

Drinking too many sugary beverages can make you fat.  New York City is attempting to influence folks to drop those empty, sugar-laden calories. The above fairly disturbing public service announcement certainly helps that effort.

A study this week challenges the common assumption healthy food is more expensive.

New York Times “Phys Ed” columnist Gretchen Reynolds gives reasons while even a little exercise helps. It can also change your brain.  In a good way.

A recent study showed fish oil is effective at protecting our bodies from air pollution.  Air pollution causes oxidative stress.  Which another study believes  it can be eased with Vitamin E.

It’s no wonder than that a recent survey found 93% of supplement users felt confident about the positive effects on their health.  Count me in.  Especially since my vitamin of choice is approved as safe for athletes based on US Anti-Doping Guidelines.

Finally, a bachelor describes his efforts to get the wrinkles out of his shirts.  Which method did he find the most satisfying?


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