Life, Diet, and Taxes: 4 Rules for Eating Right

A new report says most Americans  believe income taxes are easier to understand than deciphering nutrition advice.  That’s startling. But with dietary advice coming from all sides, ultimately an understandable finding.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, I’ve found nutrition is rather straightforward if you follow four simple rules.  Less is more, especially for a simpleton like me.

#1 Calories count, kinda.  Calorie count is the single number to use for a quick way to judge a food’s healthfulness.  But, the makeup of those calories can change everything.  Junk food calories are worse than vegetable calories.

Simply put:  It’s better to eat a 150 calorie apple than a 100 calorie Oreo snack pack.

#2 Healthier doesn’t mean healthy.  Baked Lays are better than regular Lays.  A little bit.  Both are processed potato based snacks.  Eating a little better can help, but if everything you eat is a little better than junk, you’re still eating junk.

#3 Big Food is a used car salesman.  They want you to buy their product.  And they know you care about eating healthy.  So they plaster whatever claims they can on their package to make you think it’s good for you.  It’s not.  Be wary of advice from someone who only wants your money.

#4 There are no gimmicks.  We know how our bodies respond to food.  Vegetables good.  Cookies bad. There will be no miracle breakthrough diet. Won’t happen.  Stop waiting for it.  And disregard anyone who says otherwise.


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