The End of Medium-Sized Cola

The week in links:

New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban large servings of soda.  He proposes a cap at 16 ounces.  That’s only a McDonald’s small soda.  McDonald’s isn’t happy, and they’re telling the twitter world.

It turns out too much exercise can actually be harmful to your health.  Particularly your heart. But, unless you’re competing in an Ironman Triathlon you cannot use this as an excuse.

Apparently, buying organic foods can make you a jerk.  Bullshit.  I was a jerk way before I started eating organic.

A new analysis says my square of dark chocolate after dinner can add years to my life.

If you haven’t checked out the Eater blog for your city do so now.  They cover all the goings on in the restaurant biz.  Here’s Atlanta’s.  And check out the Eater guide to summer eating in 12 great US cities.

Apparently, men eat their veggies to please their wives.  But then overindulge when not under her watchful glare.  No wonder my buddies and I have a 30 wing minimum per boys day out.


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