Lessons to Limit Overeating

How do you know when you’re full?  If you’re like most folks you feel you’re done when your plate is empty.  This isn’t the best strategy, what with the well documented growth of serving sizes.

Perhaps you eat until you feel like you’ve had enough.  Better, but there’s a delay between our stomach sending the “we’re good” message and the brain telling you to put the fork down.  The remedy for this is to eat slower.  Good work if you can find it.

So what is the best way to tell if we’re full?  Besides some hippie “listen to your body…” zen-like, mumbo jumbo.  (Although I can dig the mindful eating approach.)

Well I’m not sure.  But here’s a few lessons I’ve learned:

Being full is comfortable The moment I start to feel less than cozy I know my stomach runneth over.

A human stomach is the size of a fist Oh, it can get bigger.  But when eyeballing your food, use your mitts as a rough idea of how much will fit inside easily.  Limit your intake to two fists.

Enjoy your food and talk To your spouse, friend, dog, or shadow.  Doesn’t matter.  I know I rarely overeat when my wife and I sit down over a meal and talk about, ya know, stuff.

A food coma happens  I overeat.  But I know when; nights out with the guys, in front of the tube, at a buffet, when drunk.  I try to avoid those when I can.  Especially the dreaded sports bar buffet combination. (Guys out, check.  Televisions, check check.  Drunk, check check check.)

Tell me how you know when enough is enough!


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