An Easy Breakfast for a Crowd

On Sunday we had a couple friends over for brunch.  To have a happy brunch gathering you need champagne, orange juice, and…….that’s pretty much it.  But, our guests expect food, so an easy and delicious offering is the way to go.

This week we made a frittata.  Not to be confused with a Furtado.  She’s like a bird.  Frittatas are an egg based concoction that fits the bill for easy, cheap, and delicious.  Add some bagels and cream cheese and you’re set.

What you put in your frittata is up to you.  We usually add bacon, diced onions, sundried tomatoes, and any other veggies we have laying around.  We’ve even used asparagus.  The idea is to experiment and make it your own frittata de casa.

How to make a frittata

Tools:  Non-stick fry pan (cast iron skillet works perfect), spatula, bowl, fork (or whisk), stove top, oven.

Food: eggs (about 2 ½ per person), shredded cheese, whatever else you want to add.

How to do it:

1)      Prepare your contents. Chop your veggies into bite size pieces.  Crisp up some bacon or brown sausage.  If using the same pan as your frittata, drain the grease.  Most of it anyway.

2)      Scramble eggs.

3)      Lightly coat your pan with non-stick spray and set it over medium high heat.

4)      Toss in your veggies.  Cook to desired doneness.

5)      Add eggs.  Stir the eggs once only so they have a chance to leak under your veggies.

6)      Reduce heat to medium and add any precooked meat.

7)      Once the eggs have set about 2/3 of the way turn on the broiler.

8)      Sprinkle cheese on top and move pan to broiler.  Cook under broiler for about 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted.

9)      Cut like a pizza and serve immediately.  With a fresh round of mimosas.


2 responses to “An Easy Breakfast for a Crowd

  1. I love your attitude towards laid lack get togthers with friends! Overnight french toast or homemade muffins, a fruit plate and coffee also makes for a fun and easy morning

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