Free Denny’s for Life

Denny’s just announced one of the most unique celebrations-of-overeating marketing tactics ever.  Eat a meal in a Denny’s in every state and you eat at Denny’s for free.  Forever.  That’s lots of Grand Slams.

Beginning in 2015, Disney will severly curb junk food advertising to children on its networks.  THIS is the kind of thing that can start a revolution.  Thanks Mickey.  Although I always preferred Donald…

A former top Coke executive comes clean about the strategies Coca-Cola used to push its sugary drinks.  “I have a karmic debt to pay for the number of Cokes I sold across the country….”

In related news, we now have a new World Burping Champ.

A new study concludes Vitamin C intake may benefit exercise.

Could insomnia be caused by a fear of the dark?  A new study says it’s possible.

If you’re interested in dietary cleanses, read this first.  And here’s a summary of what’s out there.  I vote avoid.


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