Summer Myths Debunked

The blog is back!  But after 4 days of sun and sand, I can’t really say the same about myself.  In any event, we’re coming back with Wednesday Wire on a Thursday. Try to contain your joy.

Since it’s officially summer there’s no better time to check out these summer myths debunked.  Hint: You can swim after eating.  Heck, I’ve swam WHILE eating..

I’ve never known anyone to stash ketchup in the cupboard, but it makes the list of 7 items you should always refrigerate.

Check out Atlanta super-chef Kevin Rathbun’s personal kitchen.  The outside kitchen with ice machine, warming drawer, bar, and refrigerators has me green with envy.  Which, coincidentally, matches the color of his two smokers.

Portion control is a first step to eating healthier (and feeling less bloated).  Men’s Health gives us 12 simple ways to estimate serving size when we don’t have a kitchen scale handy.

Following the dieting theory of volumetrics isn’t a bad way to feel less bloated either.

Concerned about the food environment you’re living in?  Try these suggestions for keeping fast food joints out of your neighborhood.

I see these all the time at Workout Anytime.  See if you’re making these                   5 common gym mistakes.  Then fix them…


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