Zantrex-3’s Unfortunate New Tagline

I caught an ad touting diet pill Zantrex-3 this weekend.  I’m not a fan of diet pills, but this is a new low.  Not only do they promise something they can’t deliver, they drop the new tagline “It’s Great to Be Thin”.

Geez.  Does each bottle come with an eating disorder too?  How about a poor body image?  Hell, throw in low self esteem too.  All in one pill!

Here’s the thing: Zantrex-3 wants your money.  That, of course, is terrifically unsurprising.  Every business wants your money.  But some companies don’t care so much about what they provide in return.

With its new tagline, Zantrex-3 makes it clear they’re in the camp of wanting your money first, helping your health is a secondary objective.  If an objective at all.

Spend your money on products that aim to provide value, not a quick fix.  Zantrex-3 will not make you thin.  Only lighter in the wallet.


What Say You!

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