My 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

I love snacks.  Don’t you?  Less commitment than a full meal, but often just as tasty and satisfying.  I even like the word snacks.  It’s a happy word.  Say it aloud.  A guaranteed mood lifter.

Usually we choose our snacks by convenience.  The less time from prep (opening the bag) to belly the better.  Alas, more convenient typically means less good for you.  It’s a sad fact of dieting.

So, what to snack on?  There are lots of choices.  Here’s what I typically keep around the house to serve as my bridge between meals.

String Cheese Low in calories, high in protein, and fun to eat.  Makes a perfect snack at any age.

Carrots & Hummus  Who doesn’t like dips?  And this one’s healthy and comes in a staggering amount of flavors.  Swirl in organic baby carrots and you’re in business.

Deli Turkey  For a quick snack I’ll pull out a slice of ever present sandwich-style turkey.  Wrapping a slice around cheese and adding EVOO ups the deliciousness.

Triscuits & Laughing Cow My go to snack at work combines the only modestly healthy cracker with a 35 calorie laughing cow wedge.  Use the triscuit as a scoop and no utensils are required.

Blueberries  When they’re in season and I need a quick sugar fix a half a handful is a marvelous discovery.


2 responses to “My 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. Great snack ideas. I also love green olives. They’re a tiny bit salty as they are stored in brine which I really like -better than pretzels or salty crisps anyway!! hehe.

    • Thanks Katicus. I’ve never been a fan of olives (probably from hitting a pit the first time I’ve tried) but I’m slowly warming up to them. Especially with the spread of olive bars in local grocery stores.

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