Del Taco: Go Bold or Go Hospital

I’ve never been to a Del Taco.  But I think I’d like a place called Of The Taco.  Sounds delicious.  Not sure about the drive thru stabbing, though.  Perhaps the patron asked for a chalupa.  This ain’t Taco Bell!

For great way to waste time, check out Food Republic’s Top 10 Food Comedy Sketches. 

The latest farm bill was passed by Congress.  Unsurprisingly it remains heavy on subsidizes for corn and soy.  The building blocks of processed junk food.  Sadly, making healthy food more accessibl has never been the goal.

I’m confused.  As it turns out, pregnant ladies can drink a little alcohol.  And after the child is born, using sunscreen may not be the best idea.

Check out a new documentary that follows three families struggling to feed their babies something besides junk.

Coca-Cola is now in the protein shake business.


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