A Gay Pride Cookie

Links and so forth from the past week:

To celebrate gay pride week in New York City, Kraft posted a rainbow stuffed Oreo on its Facebook page.  Thank goodness someone took the time to calculate the caloric load of this fictional treat.

Science has finally explained why mass produced, perfectly round, supermarket tomatoes taste like crap.

Check out this history of our growing cola sizes.  Here’s another take on supersizing.

Low levels of two B Vitamins, B6 and B12, have been linked to changes in mental function.

Local Atlanta enterprenuer Steven Carse, founder of King of Pops, has made Fast Company’s list of “young, change making entrepreneurs” for his nearly waste-free business model.  And their damned delicious popsicles.

Ever wonder why doctors wear white coats?  Not really?  Well here’s a link explaining anyway.


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