A Cheaper, Healthier Trip to the Ballpark

I love going to the ballpark.  The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the impossibly green grass, the peanut shells.  I love it all.  Except the price.

Tickets are expensive enough.  (We recently bought outfield seats for $30 each.)  When you add in food and drink the night easily pushes triple digits.  And, although delicious, ballpark food offerings are not remotely healthy.

But a couple of years ago my wife and I discovered a little known secret that has saved us money and calories.  We learned you can bring a cooler into the ballpark.

Now don’t get too exited.  You can’t roll a cooler loaded with case of beer to your seat.  There are rules.  Size limits, no alcohol, and no cans or glass.

But you can fill your cooler with healthy eats and drinks.  We filled ours recently with turkey sandwiches, fruit, and a small bag of M&M’s.  Much healthier than ballpark dogs (which I do love) and decidedly cheaper.

Look into at your local ballpark.  I can tell my Atlanta friends Turner Field is cooler friendly.

I’ve also heard, although not allowed, some enterprising individuals sneak in a little booze to mitigate the high prices for stadium beer.

Apparently, the subterfuge involves replacing the contents of a Dasani bottle with a measure of vodka.  Very clever.  Wish I had thought of it.


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