A Better Dessert

You’ve just eaten a healthy meal.  A meal filled with lean protein and lots of veggies.  Even a little whole grain.  And it tasted good.  You’re proud of yourself.  As well you should be.  So you celebrate with…..a slice of cheesecake…

Desserts are effective saboteurs.  They’re decadently sweet and sneak up on us after we’ve let our guard down.  Sinister little buggers.

So you need a strategy to fight back.  Like they told you in sex ed, abstinence is the only fool proof strategy.  But, as you’ve likely discovered, it’s also the least fun.

You can have fun with dessert, and minimize the guilt.  The above photo is a great example.  Recently my wife and I combined blueberries and dark chocolate squares for a thoroughly satisfying finish to a grilled fish and sautéed asparagus meal.

Try it yourself after your next healthy meal.  Grab your fruit of choice and pair it with heart healthy dark chocolate.  You won’t feel guilty in the morning.



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