A Workout Scheduling Reminder

In late March I had surgery to repair a lower abdominal surgery.  This meant no exercising for 2 weeks post-op.  When I was cleared to do as I wish I went back into fitness with vigor.  Perhaps too much vigor.

After several strenuous workouts and an ill advised 5K with a sore abdomen, I injured the surgically repaired area.  Now my doc has given me another month sentence of only mild activity.  Thankfully he allowed hitting the golf course.

Since I’ve been convalescing I’ve put on weight.  More accurately I’ve lost muscle and gained fat.  Unfortunately that’s expected. It’s terribly difficult to adjust eating habits on the fly. It’s even hard when you see them coming.

Though this is frustrating I recently relearned an important lesson.

Schedule your workouts!

In my inactivity frustration I’ve mapped out all of my workouts for a month when I’m off restrictions.  I now have a road map to ease back into a solid fitness routine.  Hopefully one that won’t put me back on the bench again.

Follow my lesson, whether hurting or healthy.  Schedule your workouts.  Put them in your calendar like an appointment.  You’ll be less likely to skip.  And don’t get a hernia.  They’re a pain in the….


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