Can We Trust the Organic Seal?

Links from the past week:

This is troubling.  Wanting a piece of the fast growing organic market, Big Food corporations have infiltrated the National Organic Standards Board.  Things with names like carrageenan and inositol have made their way onto the approved organic list.

Organic tomatoes, besides tasting better, have been shown to contain more antioxidants than the mass produced variety.  Get one while you still can.

It seems most people want their meat without antibiotics.  Good idea.  But can they find it at their supermarket?  Depends where you shop.

Summer Farmer’s Markets are in full swing.  Here’s a guide for first timers and veterans alike.  One hint: Get there early.

The Chicago Tribune reports on the FDA’s trouble with unscrupulous supplement manufacturers.  They’re a black eye for the industry.  It’s why I stick to supplements I can trust.

How accurate are food expiration dates?

News this week that having pets, especially dogs, keeps kids healthier in their first year of life.  The health benefits from our furry friends continues throughout life too.  And they can catch your yawn.


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