A Tale of Two Cereals

Switching up Eat by Stars this week.  Today I’m comparison shopping.

Which of the above cereals is a better for you?  Is either a healthy choice?  Take a quick guess….

Did you go with Fiber One?  Me too.  Sounds healthier.  Looks healthier.  But both tout whole grain as ingredient #1.  Let’s go to the scorecards.

Calories: Chex clocks in with 130 calories to Fiber One’s 180.  The 50 calorie difference isn’t huge, but gotta give credit where credit is due.  Advantage: Chex

 Fat: Nearly identical.  2.5 grams for Chex, 3grams for Fiber One.  Advantage: Tie

Carbohydrates:  Finally a significant difference.  Chex has 26 carbs, Fiber One brings 41.  True to its word, Fiber One packs in 9 grams of fiber to Chex’s measly one gram.  But Fiber One also gives 2 extra grams of sugar.  And trumps Chex 21 to 17 on the mysterious “other carbohydrates” category.  Fiber One wins, barley.  Advantage:  Fiber One

 Protein: Chex 2 grams.  Fiber One 3 grams.  Advantage: Tie

Ingredient List:  Both have whole grain listed first.  That’s what the front of the box touts so proudly.  The boast fails to mention the 10 to 12 other ingredients contained therein.  Both are, like all cereals, processed.  Advantage: Tie

Taste:  I didn’t try either.  But you’ve gotta think the chocolate covered choice will win, don’t you? Advantage: CHOCOLATE Chex


Winner:  Yes, Fiber One has more fiber. Hence the name. But overall, neither option is “healthy”.  You certainly are OK downing a couple bowls a week, especially if the alternative is no breakfast at all.

But there are lots of better AM options.  Oatmeal, fruit, whole wheat toast, and eggs are a few examples.

Ultimately, despite appearances, Fiber One is not head and shoulders above Chocolate Chex.  More like a forehead.


One response to “A Tale of Two Cereals

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